January 31, 2011


Hit the pool for the first time since being sick. Got to try my new goggles for the first time (aside from wearing them in the shower, of course). The goggles worked out pretty well. They didn't fog up like my previous pair used to and they never leaked. And, since these are 'open water' goggles, the lenses are tinted amber. Everything was super bright and high contrast. Plus, they make me look like a cyborg bug from space. Extra points for style.

January 29, 2011

The Search for a Speedier Swim Suit

A few years ago I bought a swim suit. Back then my priorities in selecting this suit were

  1. Hide some chub
  2. look 'cool'
  3. have pockets for stuff
  4. low cost
  5. hide some more chub
Notice that efficient hydrodynamics was not in the priority list. Nor was range of motion/flexibility.

The new priority list is:
  1. Hydrodynamic Efficiency
  2. High range of motion
  3. Hide some chub
  4. Look 'cool'

January 28, 2011

Back on the bandwagon!

Ran 3 miles today. I was dragging most of the day but feel much better after running. Maybe I'm finally done with the cold??

January 27, 2011

The stories we tell ourselves when we are at the gym

I went down to the basement of my office building to get on the treadmill after several days of being sick. I took it real easy and only did one mile of walk/jog for about 15 minutes. Sometimes you see the darnedest things at a mini-gym in the basement of your office building. A woman dressed in a business pantsuit was behind me chewing bubblegum and bench pressing. The odd choice of workout attire is unsettlingly common in this gym, but for some reason it reminded me of when I first started going to a gym and how self-conscious I felt as a beginner.

January 26, 2011

Starting to feel better

I'm back at work and starting to feel better. A bit of congestion lingers, but I'm feeling human once again. Today, however, I'm not going to press my luck. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try out some light running.

January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011

Sick :(

Home sick with a cold today. I was sick all weekend and in bed for most of it. I knew I was in trouble when my face started leaking toward the end of Friday, then it just got worse and by Saturday I was crashed out in bed sleeping most of the day.

No swimming today. Send kleenex.

January 22, 2011

Transition Bags

I'm in the market for a new bag. The bag I've got is an old Brenthaven laptop backpack. It's about 10 years old. It has served me well by being able to tote my laptop, a book, or notebook, and my workout clothes and lunch. That was enough when I was only trying to do one 'sport' at a time. Either I would run, lift weights, or swim, for example. I wouldn't ever try to do all of them at once. Last December I went to the rec to swim and run and just those two activities were too much for my backpack. I had to use a huge duffel bag, which made it look like I was packing for a week vacation. On top of that it hardly fit in a locker, and everything was jumbled together, so I was spending a lot of time tracking down the items I needed when I was in the locker room. Recently I've been thinking about how I'm going to pack for my brick workouts, when I do more than one sport at a time. Clearly, the duffel bag approach wasn't very efficient. And thinking a little further ahead, how am I going to do transitions during the triathlons I want to do? 

My current bag
Only two main compartments

January 21, 2011

New goggles!

Got some Blue Seventy Nero goggles for open water swimming. It's the first pair of goggles I've ever purchased that fit me properly. Actually, I think they may be the first pair I ever bought. I've had goggles before, just they've all been hand-me-downs or gifts.


The thermometer  in my car read "9" this morning as I drove to the pool before work. While Michigan is capable of being much colder in the middle of January, this was not the most motivational of meteorological news when it comes to swimming. It's rather difficult to drive up the desire to swim when your breath is crystallizing into tiny ice flakes on your steering wheel. But, I managed to make it to the pool and swim for half an hour. I had read in beginnertriathlete.com about the advantage of counting strokes per lap and trying to become more efficient in the pool than powerful. So, I dutifully counted my strokes. About 21 per length of pool. Now to try to make myself more efficient :)

January 20, 2011

Run, Run, Run...

Three miles. Done. Today I was feeling extra saucy so I sped the hamster wheel up by .1mph. Scandalous! 11:45 min miles!

January 19, 2011

20th Annual Susan G. Komen Detroit Race For The Cure

When: Saturday, May 21
What: 5k Run/Walk or 1 Mile walk
Who: 'Team Speedy Chubs' (You!)
Where: Detroit
Website: http://www.karmanos.org/raceforthecuredetroit/index.asp

I've already heard from a few people who are going to join Team Speedy Chubs for the 5k Run/walk. This is a great run for beginners- it's slow paced (half the people just walk) and it's a lot of fun. Message me or put something in the comments if you want to join us.


Swam for 30 minutes today. I started swimming 'with purpose' about a month ago. When I first started I was having trouble getting my body to allow me to do bilateral breathing (it only wanted to breathe on the right side) and I had to stop at each end of the pool for a few breaths. I was swimming about a lap a minute. Now I'm swimming 1.6 laps a minute and not stopping nearly as frequently. And bilateral breathing feels a lot more natural. Hooray for persistence.

January 18, 2011

January 17, 2011

Swim Swam Swum

Some days it's not about how fast you ran or how far you biked. Some days it's just about getting out and actually doing it. Today was one of those days. I had the day off work, but got to spend it cleaning my little boy's preschool. Fun with toddler germs. So, I didn't get to the pool during my normal time and the next time I could go was 8pm. It was cold. It was dark. I wanted to sleep. There were a million excuses. But I went.

This is where the speedy chub swims

January 16, 2011

Earplugs For Swimming

I hate getting water in my ears. In fact it's worse than that, it's almost a phobia. Some people are afraid of spiders, bowling balls, heights, or crab grass. For me it's water in the ear. I used to swim all the time. But that was way back in grade school and back then I nearly never got water in my ears. Then I sort of stopped swimming for several years. Ok, decades. Then a few years ago I tried swimming freestyle again and BAM, water in the ear on the first stroke. After spending 15 minutes smacking my head to get the water out I figured it was a fluke and tried again. BAM, more water in the ear. So what's the solution? Side stroke, or doggy paddle. Well, that worked until I decided to start trying triathlons. I'm no expert, but I'm sure that doggy paddling at a triathlon would be a bit impractical.

January 15, 2011

Disney Half Marathon 2010

Run, chub, run!!
Last year I did the Disney World Half Marathon in January. This next January I'm planning on going back to do it again. It was quite an adventure last year. I had been training outside as much as possible, running through the snow and ice in Michigan. The whole time I had been worried about how I would acclimate my body to running in tropical weather. Then when we arrived in Florida we found out they were having a record breaking winter. It actually snowed the morning I ran. It was funny listening to some of the questions people were asking, like "can you even run in snow"?

January 14, 2011

What is all this??

What is a chub?
It's a fish. Or a fatty.

What do you mean by speedy?
Well, speed is a relative term, and in this context it's mostly meant to be taken in a sarcastic or humorous way. If I post 12 minute miles during a long run, that's going wicked fast. 15 miles per hour is my long distance race speed when I'm on two wheels. I won't even mention my speed in water. It's not pretty.

What is a speedy chub?
Someone who is athletically inclined, yet a little larger than the athletes you see on magazine covers, at the shoe store, or in the bike shop. This is the person who looks rather awkward in tight fitting clothing. Sometimes these people are called clydesdales. But my size is not due to muscle, so I tend to let others use that label.


Today I swam freestyle for half an hour. Yay me. I'm still quite slow, and I bet a real chub fish is much faster than me, but I logged some time in the pool and that's what matters.

January 13, 2011

Hello World

Hi there, this is the first posting.  It's quite original.  More soon, still setting things up :)


Today was a nice 13 min mile run for 3 miles. On the treadmill in the basement of my work. Feeling like a hamster.