January 15, 2011

Disney Half Marathon 2010

Run, chub, run!!
Last year I did the Disney World Half Marathon in January. This next January I'm planning on going back to do it again. It was quite an adventure last year. I had been training outside as much as possible, running through the snow and ice in Michigan. The whole time I had been worried about how I would acclimate my body to running in tropical weather. Then when we arrived in Florida we found out they were having a record breaking winter. It actually snowed the morning I ran. It was funny listening to some of the questions people were asking, like "can you even run in snow"?
It warmed up to about 40 degrees by the end of the race, but not after sleeting and then raining for about half the run. Even though the weather didn't cooperate it was the most fun runs I've ever done. They had a lot of entertainment along the way, including the green army men from Toy Story who were there to 'whip us in shape'.

Mr. Chub
It was cool to run through the castle

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