January 29, 2011

The Search for a Speedier Swim Suit

A few years ago I bought a swim suit. Back then my priorities in selecting this suit were

  1. Hide some chub
  2. look 'cool'
  3. have pockets for stuff
  4. low cost
  5. hide some more chub
Notice that efficient hydrodynamics was not in the priority list. Nor was range of motion/flexibility.

The new priority list is:
  1. Hydrodynamic Efficiency
  2. High range of motion
  3. Hide some chub
  4. Look 'cool'

So now I'm rethinking my swim suit purchase. I've been looking around and haven't found anything that I really like yet. (place suggestions in comments, and no, burlap bag is not an option) But I've been leaning toward getting a tri suit. There's no way in he11 you'd ever get me into a spedo. People would feel compelled to wash their eyes after seeing that sight. Orca makes a tri suit that looks pretty good, and I like the name of the company. "I'll take the swim suit from that company named after a whale, please". So, the search for the speedy suit begins.

My extra large swim suit

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