January 14, 2011

What is all this??

What is a chub?
It's a fish. Or a fatty.

What do you mean by speedy?
Well, speed is a relative term, and in this context it's mostly meant to be taken in a sarcastic or humorous way. If I post 12 minute miles during a long run, that's going wicked fast. 15 miles per hour is my long distance race speed when I'm on two wheels. I won't even mention my speed in water. It's not pretty.

What is a speedy chub?
Someone who is athletically inclined, yet a little larger than the athletes you see on magazine covers, at the shoe store, or in the bike shop. This is the person who looks rather awkward in tight fitting clothing. Sometimes these people are called clydesdales. But my size is not due to muscle, so I tend to let others use that label.
Joe is a speedy chub
At 6" and 215 pounds I'm a bit 'fluffier' than your normal cyclist, runner, or swimmer. Spandex is not my athletic garment of choice.

Why do you have a website?
speedychub.com was available, so why wouldn't you have a website, really? Well, I don't have a moving life story like Average Guy Hits The Road.  And, I probably won't have nearly as much humor in my posts by The Fat Cyclist. So, really, this is going to be where I post to the world my journey in training for triathlons, runs, and cycling events. I'm not some expert athlete giving out advice. I'm just an average Joe who likes to get out and go. By posting about my little experiences to the public I'm hoping that it will force me into some sort of feeling of accountability that will help motivate me to keep on trying to be speedy. Probably only my mom will read it, but that's not the point. Hi, mom. The point is that on those really tough days when you just want to go lay in bed, this extra bit of motivation might make me feel like I'd let down my reader(s) unless I get out there and do it. We'll see. Maybe in the future other speedy chubs will join me and we can all hold each other accountable. Then we'd have a speedy chub accountability community. We could call it Team Speedy Chubs. 


  1. I want in! I want to be a speedy chub too! And just heads up - your sister in law will now be reading your posts, so keep up the workout and blogging!

  2. Awesomeness. You are now officially a Speedy Chub! :-D