February 16, 2011


Went swimming for 1/2 an hour today. Both of my kids are sick and today I started getting the sniffles. So, swimming was either a great idea or a really bad idea. In the past I've been able to shake colds early on by exercising, but sometimes it would make them even worse. So far it feels like it was a good decision, but we'll see as the day progresses.

Also, I won a 2XU C:1 wet suit on eBay today. Turns out there's an advantage to being an 'abnormal' size for your sport. Sometimes you can snag a great deal from a store trying to get rid of excess stock. And an XL wet suit only pulled in 2 bids. I'll write more about it once it arrives and I get to try it out. I'm pretty certain I'll look ridiculous in it. Probably a bit like a walrus crammed into a latex glove.

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