March 31, 2011

The commute to work

I took a moment to stop and capture one of the little spots along my commute to work that I really like. Instead of going over the Huron river on the big car bridge I take a little wooden bridge in the park, then go under the car bridge. I like biking along the river. It has a nice calming atmosphere that helps slow down the often phrenetic pace of life.

Changes to the chubs

I'm going to be making a change to I won't be posting my daily exercise results anymore. If you're really interested (and I'm sure you're not) it'll still show up in the extreme details section of the site. I'm finding that the interaction on the Facebook group has provided enough support and motivation. Additionally, the plethora of tiny posts seem to clutter the site for people who want to read something actually halfway interesting. Because of this change you'll probably start to see more posts about bike commuting and other bike related topics. I'm not sure if I'll start getting into gear reviews, but I may post my thoughts on gear I have and have used.

March 14, 2011


Ran my 5 mile long run on Sunday. This whole winter I've been mostly running indoors on a treadmill or an indoor track. I became reacquainted with hills during this run.

March 11, 2011

New PR for Swimming

I guess it's technically a personal record when it's the first time you actually measure a full swimming session. I swam 3/4 of a mile in half an hour today. I have no idea how fast that really is (I only assume not very), but for me it was quite fast and well sustained over a half hour. It certainly makes me feel like my goal of 1.2 miles in an hour is a little more attainable.

March 10, 2011

Triathlon Transition Bag

I almost biked in to work but the forecast called for rain and snow. I'll bike in the cold and I'll bike in the rain, but not together. Instead I just ran four miles. The first two miles felt great, but the last mile was tough today.

After work I went down to Running Fit and picked up some new shoes. While I was there I found a Garneau Revo transition bag that fits all my needs and some needs I didn't even know I had. For example, it came with a tripod style folding chair.

On the back it has a place for a bike helmet. The sides sport mesh pockets for drinks. And there's a nifty quick access compartment on the side for tools.

There are four main compartments. Three in the core of the bag and one, vented one, on the bottom. The first compartment is a pretty simple space.

The second compartment is the biggest and has the most pockets for organizing stuff.

Then it opens up to reveal a shoe compartment.

The bottom compartment has mesh vents on the bottom and will be great for keeping moist textiles from getting too raunchy.

March 8, 2011

Bike, run, bike!

I biked to work today for the first time since early December. The snow and ice has been with us for quite some time. Looking at the weather forecast I'm hoping I can do it again on Friday. Except for being fairly cold it was a pretty good ride. Between the brand new pot holes, patches of deep mud and random spots of slush I was glad, more than once, that I had my small block cyclocross tires on instead of road tires. Part of my ride takes me through Gallup park, which straddles the Huron river. I noticed that it is still mostly frozen over. I have no idea how Christi 'the swimmer' swam in it last Friday.  Even with a wet suit that's cold! My lunch time run was a little more challenging because my legs, unused to riding yet, were already pretty well exercised.

March 6, 2011


Put the bike on a trainer that was loaned to me and put in a half hour in on the bike. My little bike computer said I went about 7 miles.

March 3, 2011


Starting to feel better, so I did a short 3 mile run. Here's to hoping I don't have a relapse into another cold!