April 1, 2011

The bikes parked around Ann Arbor

Spring is great. The sun starts to come out, the birds chirp, the air warms, and the glaciers retreat from the streets. And with the warmer weather come all the cyclists emerging from their hibernation. Ann Arbor has a growing community of cyclists and people who happen to have bikes (I make a distinction, even if it sounds snobby). I was downtown today and snapped a few pics of bikes parked on the streets. I'm always fascinated by the variety of bikes you can find parked around town. I'm an advocate of using a separate bike for doing errands and parking in public spaces than the one you use for sporty activities. I'm working on an old beater right now (future posts will elaborate). The idea being that you have a cheap, safe (and probably real old) bike to ride that you won't get too upset about if it gets stolen or vandalized (unlike if the same were to happen to your carbon road racing bike). That being said, I think there's a limit to how bad a bike I'd ride. For example, I was pretty surprised by the amount of rust in drive trains I saw while walking about.

The rust on this one is so bad the chain doesn't even stay straight!

More rust, it's gonna bust!

Some of the more maintained bikes I saw on this tour were parked outside of annarbor.com, but still seeing rust on some of the chains


Almost hipster :)

Love the colors

If this isn't this person's primary bike, then their primary bike must be really really nice - This bike sports the only set of clipless pedals seen all day. This is someone with a lot of trust (note the helmet and wheels aren't locked down)

This one wins do-it-yourself style points. The front light (close up picture below) is home made

Front light made out of some sort of recycled container

Two different approaches to hauling stuff

Classic commuter

Hope they have a spare

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