April 15, 2011

The Search For a Speedier Swim Suit Part 2

In January I wrote a post about looking for a speedier swimsuit for doing triathlons than the suit I had at the time (a suit that resembled very baggy shorts). When I first started my quest I had four requirements for the ideal suit:

  • Hydrodynamic Efficiency

  • High range of motion

  • Hide some chub

  • Look 'cool'

  • I'm here to report that I have procured a Sugoi Turbo Tri Suit. It is a very tight fitting suit and fails completely at meeting the last two requirements. However, it does meet a new and very important requirement: avoiding public nudity. Once I thought through the logistics of how I would actually go from wearing a wet suit to wearing my bike gear it became clear to me that under my wet suit would have to be something that I could wear during all three events (swim, bike, run). The tri-suit seemed to be the best platform for such a thing. I like to think of it as my base layer for all three events. Although I do look like a walrus crammed into a latex glove, at least the moments I'll be in the tri-suit alone will be brief. 

    So far I've taken it for a spin in the pool and I've gone for a 4 mile run with it. It seems to perform pretty well and I don't have any complaints yet. 

    New Suit

    Old Suit

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