May 16, 2011

The Commute to Work: Taunting Hill

It's difficult to get the full context from the picture below, but on my ride home I have a series of hills that culminates in one long gradual and then slightly steep hill. It is the hill that taunts me every time I ride it. It sneers at me, daring me to climb fast. It's not a short hill that you can just power through and then laugh at between gasping breaths. It goes on for a long time, making it more of an endurance hill. It's the sort of hill that requires a plan before you aggressively attack it. It's also a bit of a benchmark hill for me to measure how in or out of shape I am. For example, last summer I was able to maintain 10 MPH while not resorting to my lowest gear and not feeling like I was going to puncture a lung doing so. Some days I take it easy on this hill. Some days I greet it as a personal challenge to see how fast I can top it. But every day it remains consistently as my taunting hill. 

The top portion of "The Hill That Taunts Me"

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