May 23, 2011

The snow is gone and it is time for new tires!

Having a cyclocross bike has been great for commuting. It's tough, built for foul weather, and fits my more versatile needs better than a standard road bike. Mine came with Kenda small block 700x35 'cross tires, which were great in the slushy conditions of fall and spring. But the Michigan weather seems to be breaking and I think it's unlikely we'll see frozen precipitation for a while. Since I'm training for some long road miles I thought it was time to get some real road tires. Over the weekend I went to the spring sale at Tree Fort Bikes and picked up some new Michelin Krylion Carbon tires. They fit my four needs:
  1. Suited for road riding (low rolling resistance)
  2. Highly durable (puncture resistance) 
  3. Must look sweet (notice the yellow stripe to match the bar tape)
  4. Must not break the bank

I also looked at some Continental Grand Prix 4000's. The non-cosmetic differences between the Grand Prix and Krylion were hard to discern, so I went with price. It happened that the Krylion's were on sale with a deeper discount.

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