November 1, 2011

'Back' at it

You may have noticed a slight lull in my posts to Speedy Chubs. In mid-July while I was just starting to taper for the Steelhead half Ironman I went to the ER because I injured my back. I'm fine now, but it was tough for me to miss the big event I had been training for all year.  For a few months I couldn't exercise and I gained a bunch of weight. I missed being active. I missed walking, swimming, running, and most of all cycling. I kept meaning to write a blog post explaining what had happened but I just couldn't find it in me to talk about it. I didn't want to throw a pity party and I wasn't sure what I'd say about it. It's now the first day of November and I'm finally doing it.

Yes, world. I was away for a while. But now I'm BACK. I was injured. I missed my main event for the year. But now I'm over it. and I'm working on building a good foundation for next season.

I'll probably change this site around a little bit. You'll probably see more things about cycling and commuting to work by bike. When I wasn't able to be active I learned that deep down I'm a cyclist in my heart. I may not have a cyclists build or physique, but it was cycling that I longed for the most. I realized that I love cycling, like running, and can do swimming. When I went to physical therapy my top goal was to get me back on a bike. This newly realized passion will very likely find its way into this blog.

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