January 28, 2012

Trainer time

I've got a pretty nice commute route, but there's one section that isn't safe to ride when the snow and ice arrive. So, that means putting the bike on the trainer for a couple of months. I'm kinda lazy and like to set it up in one place and leave it there until the weather looks like I'll be able to ride to work about once or twice a week. Right now I've got a cheapo tire on the back and the whole rig is tucked away in a corner of the basement. The easel next to the bike isn't for those days when I'm feeling energetic and extra creative. It's my jury rigged iPad/kindle holder. I either listen to books or super rockin' music. Some people watch TV or movies, but for some reason I find that distracting. The fan in front is for simulating realistic riding conditions. It's usually set to "hurricane".

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