March 1, 2012

March has come, time for the chub to get speedy!

It's March already! Soon the weather will be turning and the grey of winter will give way to spring. The weather forecast for next week has numbers in it that we haven't seen in a long time. I'm sure we'll get more winter weather this year but these little sneak previews of spring will be taken advantage of fully.

The Sham Rock And Roll run in Plymouth is coming up soon and many Chubs will be taking part in the run. It will be a great inaugural event for the 2012 season, which looks like it could be an exciting one. For me it starts with the Sham Rock And Roll run, then gets serious in May with the TOSRV double century bike tour. Mid-way through the season I'll ride across Michigan in the Pedal Across Lower Michigan tour (about 300 miles in six days). Then in August I team up with more fellow Chubs in a relay team to do the bike portion of the Steelhead half Ironman.

In preparation for such a good looking season we've put in an order for some good looking Speedy Chub jerseys and shirts.

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