April 5, 2012

I'm new here...

Well sort of.  I have been involved with the Speedy Chubs for a little while now.  Getting to know the other members and such.  So far we have gotten together a small group bike ride and a 5k race in Plymouth that we participated in.  Super excited to participate in the Steelhead half Ironman as a Chub in our relay team.  While I like to bike and would like to dedicate more time to it I am a runner primarily and will be bringing up the end of our team at Steelhead running the half marathon finish.  But I am new to the blog.  Joe invited me to start contributing to the site and I am excited to start contributing.  Since Joe is more focused on the biking aspects of the group I think I'll try to focus more on running.

Unfortunately, I have been battling a little iliotibial band problem as of late.  I put myself behind a bit in January ramping up my training on some old shoes and have been suffering a little (or a lot depending on the day) since.  Luckily I think I am finally making it over the hill with the injury.  After our 5K I went on a strict running diet, ie. no running at all.  Lot's of time on the elliptical and incorporating more strength training through plyometrics style routines (more about that to come later).  After what I think has been a good rest period I bought myself an IT Band compression wrap.  This has seemed to help quite a bit.  I'm now back up to running 2 miles at a time without any pain.  I am hoping that by the end of April I will be back on a full training plan for Steelhead.

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