June 4, 2012

Lose Weight and Save Money - Joe's Plan

Over the summer a few people from Team Speedy Chubs have started a friendly wager on who can lose the most weight as a percentage of their initial weigh-in. At the risk of giving up my super strong chances for showing everyone up and taking the prize, I will share with you my strategy for winning. I intend to lose weight and save money (It's understandable if you must now read the rest of this post in your favorite infomercial personality voice) by biking to work and making my own food. 

"Aren't you doing that already?" Yes, but not in as dedicated of a fashion as I will be doing now. 

Lose Weight
The biking to work part has been going pretty well. I haven't missed too many days for reasons other than really bad weather or because the training plan calls for a rest day. I have made excuses here and there for not riding, but those will now end! I have been slipping over the winter and spring on the making my own food part. Especially for lunch at work. I started looking at what I was eating during lunch and realizing that I'm consuming a pretty large amount of empty calories and paying a lot for them. By biking to work even more regularly I'll be impacting the calories I burn and by making my own food I'll be impacting the calories I consume. 

But wait, there's more!

Save Money
It turns out that one of the side effects of doing this is that I will save money! I save about $3 per day I bike to work in avoided gas and gym membership expenses. By making my own lunch I avoid about $7 per day. That's at least $10 per day of avoided cost. That's up to $200 per month saved!

Act now and you can save money and lose weight too!

The simplicity of this plan made me wonder: so, why doesn't everyone do something like this? Well, because it's not easy. You gotta plan ahead, which means thinking and thinking is tough. And you have to buy groceries and buying a bunch of groceries all at once feels a lot more expensive than buying a small $7 lunch every day. Then you have to think ahead and make the lunch and you have to remember to take it with you. Working exercise into your every day routines requires even more planning (and more thinking) and a lot of times it's just inconvenient because you'd rather not do it, or it's too cold, or you'd rather sleep in a little more, or any other of a bazillion reasons. 

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