June 30, 2012

Training for heat...

It really sort of, well, sucks a lot.  Today was full of suck in that regard.

As I have mentioned previously, I will be running the half-marathon leg of the upcoming Steelhead Half Ironman for team Speedy Chub.  This was, and is, totally fine and I am actually really excited about it.  After a rough winter most of which was spent cross training so my IT Band could heal, I knew I wasn't going to make any sort of time goals for this race.  I was basically planning on getting back on track with weekly mileage and putting in a solid effort and enjoying the experience.  Looking ahead another two months was my actual goal race, the Freepress Half Marathon, where I will be trying to set a new personal best.

And then a realization happened.  Normally for a long race, almost every race really, you start off at 8am or something in that neighborhood.  Gets the event done before the sun comes on strong.  While this is true of the Steelhead as well (in fact earlier than that I believe), the unfortunate side effect of doing the running leg of the relay is that I have Deborah swimming and then Joe cycling before I toe the line.  So, time to train for the heat!

Two weeks ago I did my weekly long run in the middle of the afternoon in hilly Grand Rapids, temp 85 degrees when I started.  Today I was able to do my long run in the morning due to the fact that it is friggin hot out.  Another 85 degree run.  Biggest challenge so far with the heat:  my stomach.  It was tough to take in enough fluid to keep myself happy (ha!) and it took about 3-4 hours after the run for my stomach to fully relax after the run and to feel good enough to eat something.

The upside:  with about a month and half to go before the race I am feeling pretty good about the distance and being able to hammer it pretty well.  Oh, and the guy that stopped edging his drive while I ran past to give me a high five.  Nothing like a cheering section on a random stretch or road...


  1. On Friday I was already starting to get excited about transitioning to speed training for Steelhead. I can't wait to see how fast I can burn 56 miles. I'll work hard to get you started early :) If Debbie can get her 1.2 done in about an hour and I can hit my goal of 3 hrs then you'd start somewhere around 11am. Definitely not as cool as 8am, but shouldn't be as bad as 3pm, right? :)

  2. 11am isn't too bad at all. I am hoping for some mild weather as well but preparing for it if it heats up. Hit those hills!