July 21, 2012

One Helluva Ride Recap

If you do the century option on this ride you get to boast that you rode to Hell (Michigan) and back. We opted for the 30 mile loop. Early in the spring me and the Wife talked my my dad ("Senior") into signing up as part of a covert plot to get the man responsible for my cycling addiction back in the saddle after a multi-decade hiatus. The scheming started little over a year ago after Senior retired when I gave him my old comfort bike (a Giant Cypress DX). The ante was upped when I started inviting him out for a few of my recovery rides in early spring. Over time he was riding ten miles, then 15, then 20. The miles just kept going up. So, we set a goal for doing the 30 mile option of the One Helluva Ride tour (OHR) in July.

About 20 years ago OHR was one of the very first rides Senior took me on. Like most kids I grew up riding a bike, but Senior put down a foundation for a lifelong hobby by taking me and my brother all over Michigan on bike tours. It was fitting that this would be the first ride we did after starting again a few decades later.

Getting ready.

Senior and the Wife.

Hey! A dollar was on the side of the road!

Some pretty typical views.

Senior crossing the finish line! We were all so proud of him.


  1. How neat that you got to do that with your Dad (and your Wife)! My Dad has a bike, but we've never ridden together. I'll have to try to make that happen. :)