August 11, 2012

Challenging days

Some days it's just really tough to get a workout in. First you have to battle motivation. Sometimes weather. Usually a schedule gets in the way or at least complicates things. Today I just had to do a 1 hour 20 minute easy ride. Easy, right? It was cold and rainy, but I got myself out the door. With my son. Because of schedules the only way I was going to have time to complete this ride was if I took the boy with me. No problem, he and the trailer just adds 75 pounds to the back of my bike. Sheesh.

We're moving along fine and I'm monitoring my heart rate going quite slow to compensate for the added weight and to keep the ride in the "easy" category. The boy, in his warm, dry trailer entertains himself by shouting at me to go faster and comparing my speed unfavorably to his mothers.

While ascending a hill at about 3 miles per hour I hear a "pssss pssssss pssss" sound gurgling up from behind me. I get off and I see bubbles on my rear tire. One of the few advantages of riding in the rain is that it make diagnosing a leaky tire very easy. Luckily I had just enough air left to get us home.

Let me pause for a moment to tell you how much I love my Michelin Krylion tires. They have taken me 3,000 miles in all kinds of weather and road surfaces without ever a flat. One of them even took a nail and didn't flat. I could throw anything at them and they just shrugged it off. So, it took quite a large shard of very pointy glass to create a hole big enough to flat the tire. In fact it wasn't just a hole, more like a shredding gash of a laceration.

So, that ended the workout session and put me in the market for new tires. Later in the evening we stopped by a local bike shop and I discovered that my beloved tires were discontinued by Michelin. No!!!!! But the salesman assured me that the Pro 4 was actually more puncture resistant and had even longer tread life. Well, we'll see. They do look pretty sexy on the bike though. Here's to hoping tomorrow's easy ride is easier and less expensive.

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