September 6, 2012

1 more makes 5

I feel like I am closing in on a milestone.  I have been running for about 4 years now and "racing" for about 3 of those years.  I have never won, placed or even finished near the winners in any of the races I have participated in which is the main reason for the quotation marks there.  I am pretty proud of a number of my races though.  The first half marathon I raced in is up there in my highlights as well as last year's Turkey Trot 5k.  I have a substantial goal for next fall for my 5k racing that I was supposed to meet this year but an injury pushed that goal back a bit.

Here's the thing though, in about a month and a half I am going to participate in a race that I have decided is a big deal.  First, it is another half marathon.  This is still the hardest distance that I run and I therefore consider each one to be an accomplishment.  Second, the race is the Freepress Half Marathon which has been a race I have wanted to do since I ran my first half.  I don't know why it has called to me but it has and this year I am able to fit it into my calendar.  Third and most importantly, it will be my 5th half marathon.  I am not sure why this seems like an important or monumental number to me but it does.  I am pretty excited about both the race and it being my 5th half.  I think I may even pick up one of those overpriced pieces of apparel at the race expo to commemorate my race...

Side note, if you haven't raced ever, give it a try it is pretty addicting.

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