January 13, 2013

Iron Warrior Update - 2 weeks in

Training has definitely gotten some new twists.  Right now I am in the early stages of my training plans - one for lifting and one for running.

I'll start with running - technically I am training for a new distance.  The race in September is 15.6 miles.  It will be the farthest I have ever ran in one shot, but only by 1.6 miles.  In previous half marathon training plans I have gotten to 14 miles a few times.  One of my B goals this year in general is to finally run a half in under 2 hours.  Not a super fast time by many standards but one that I haven't been able to accomplish.  So I am following a pretty standard half marathon plan at the moment.  3-4 days of running with one speed work session a week and one long run a week.  This plan is really focusing on tempo runs though instead of intervals so I will have to see how that goes.  I really like (odd right?) intervals so I will probably be doing those anyway.  As I get farther in the plan, it has me stopping my distance increases at 13 mile runs, but I plan to extend those out to 16 miles as I get later in the summer.  So far so good other than some mild plantar faciatis pains but I am working through those.

Now to the lifting.  As I mentioned previously I haven't made and serious efforts at weight training in over a decade and the last time I did anything of significance with free weights is beyond my recollection.  So my training plan has been laid out before me by the New Rules of Lifting.  I choose this for two main reasons - I liked that it laid out a plan for me that encompasses 49 weeks so I won't have to think too hard.  Second reason is that it focuses on bulk muscle training and not muscle isolating exercises like many body building plans.  It is almost exclusively free weights though so I have had to confront some gym demons.

The first challenge to over come:  the intimidation of walking to the free weight side and then using them.  The gym I use has three main areas:  cardio in the back, weight machines front and center, and free weights off to the side.  I hadn't been to the free weight area - not for the 3 years I have belonged (this is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea).  Suck it up Dan - no one cares but you.  So I have embarked on the journey of weight training.

The basic structure of my plan for the next year:  4 weeks of the break in workouts, 1 week off, 7 weeks of fat loss workouts, 1 week off, 6 weeks of hypertrophy workouts, 1 week off, 7 weeks of fat loss workouts and continues from there.

I am currently half way through the break in workouts.  The workouts feature old school exercises like squats and dead lifts (gotta be honest, even though I am doing 100 lbs dead lifts, you still sort of feel badass doing them).  After the first workout I was so sore the next day I could barely walk.  I have adapted some though over even the first two weeks.  Sore still the next day but not debilitatingly so.  I can't quite tell yet if I am actually getting stronger or just figuring out what I can lift.  I am really looking forward to the next series as the routines get a little more interesting.

As a companion process I am also working on my goal of 40 pull ups and some as of yet to be decided number of dips.  When I started, I could do exactly 0 of each.  These combined with my goal of losing 20-25 pounds are going to now be featured at the end of each of my posts with progress reports (as inspired by FatCyclist).  I'll go into greater depth about the weight training routines next time.

2 sets of pull ups:  [1 postive rep, 5 negative reps] [4 negative reps]
2 sets of dips:  [3 positive reps, 3 negative reps] [1 positive rep, 3 negative reps]
Weight:  201.8, down 2.8 lbs


  1. Nice. I like the focus on goals and the little report out at the end of your post. I think I'm going to steal that idea :-D

    Are you coordinating your running schedule with your strength schedule?

  2. It has sort of worked out that way. Monday and Wednesday are currently lifting days with no running. Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday are running days. Next week I add Fridays to running. 2 weeks from now Fridays will become both running and lifting. The biggest concern I have is keeping focused and accommodating 6 days a week. The nice thing though is that all my running during the week is relatively short so I can combine with a lifting day on busier weeks.