January 17, 2013

Joe's Goals for 2013

Note from Joe: This week fellow Chub, Juho also posted about his goals on Slow Velo. Also, we have a new link in the menu above for ordering Speedy Chub gear. Click it and order away!

Dan did such a good job describing his goals that I thought I'd take a moment to talk about mine.

First, a little look back at the previous year. I started 2012 still on the mend from a back injury and an extra 30 lbs heavier from the inactivity that came from it. Toward the end of last summer I hired a coach, Michael, from PR Fitness. I also worked with a nutritionist, Cathy, and the results were quite good. I also did my very first actual races on the bike and became addicted to cyclocross.

For this year I'm looking to build on the mild successes from last year by working hard over the winter in order to come out stronger for this upcoming season.

Goals for this season:
  • Complete some century rides
  • Finish at least one race in the middle 1/3 instead of the bottom 1/3
  • Weigh 190 or less (currently at 208, lowest weight in 13 years)
  • Complete Michigan Mountain Mayhem without walking any hills
  • Earn Cat 3 license for Cyclocross (10 races or 10 points)
  • Get half way to Cat 4 license for Road (10 races)
This year will be one full of events. Below are the events I know I'll be taking part in so far.
  • Barry-Roubaix
  • AAVC Spring Training Series #1
  • AAVC Spring Training Series #2
  • AAVC Spring Training Series #3
  • AAVC Spring Training Series #4
  • Cone Azalia
  • Michigan Mountain Meyhem
  • One Hell of a Ride
  • One of the Trex triathlons
  • CXpreX #1
  • CXpreX #2
  • CXpreX #3
  • RAAM - Ohio
  • Lower Huron
  • Mad Anthony Cyclocross
  • Swampthingcx #2
  • Big Bad Wolf

2013 Goals
Weight: 208/190
Cat 3 Cyclocross: 1/10
Cat 4 Road: 0/10
Best race ranking to date: 34/42
Century rides completed: 0
Hills on MMM walked: 0/0

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