September 13, 2013

CXpreX: Cyclocross Clinic Recap

Last year I did this same CXpreX clinic series. I liked it and Cyclocross so much that I gave it another go this year. The series went from late August to early September and was held at Buhr park and Leslie park in Ann Arbor. 

For the first half the group of riders is broken up into small groups with an experienced Cyclocross rider who leads a skills clinic tailored to the experience level of that small group. As someone who is still pretty new to Cyclocross, I find these clinics to be quite useful. Since I wasn't starting from absolutely brand new I was curious about what we might do as part of the clinic. We did cover some of the basics, but we also went into some more advanced drills. After these clinics I now have a full portfolio of 'cross specific drills I can do on my own to work on advancing my skills. 

Last year during the mock races I was only barely able to even complete the race. This year I was doing much better. I got lapped by the A group (the elite/advanced riders) much later than last year. 

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