August 6, 2014

Speedy Chub Jersey 2014

The new Speedy Chub jersey is being designed right now and I think this year's edition is going to be epic. This time around we're going to try out Pactimo, which offers full custom jerseys. This means we have the whole jersey as a canvas. First, came the concept. Here is what I had posted to the rest of the Speedy Chubs:

"This is the preschool art version of the concept I have for the jersey. In general I'm going for something that's not a large departure from previous designs. Still bold and crisp designs without a lot of clutter. But now, since this is a full custom jersey, the whole thing can be printed. So, I also want to add some hidden details that you can only see when you're up close and personal.

The front and back remain mostly unchanged. The tri-chubs on the back move down to the pockets like I originally wanted them to be. Inside the pockets (only visible if you are opening the pocket and looking in) are pictures of Twinkies, a sandwich, and a beer bottle. Think of these as pocket content suggestions. The side panels will be the same bold blue from previous jerseys, except a bold "SPEEDY" will be on them.

The sleeves have the most changes to them. The cuffs will have a white stripe, then a red stripe above that. In white will be the icon sized cartoon outlines of our favorite foods. A detail only perceived up close. Then above that either a blue field or a wide vertical blue stripe (I'm leaning toward the blue field). Three big, bold, white stars run up the shoulder. These are equal parts 'Murica, Star bellied sneetches, and Captain America inspired.

The collar will be blue on the outside (like previous years) but red on the inside. On the inside a bold phrase will be printed, like "GO FASTER"."

Then, the real work began and the design started coming together:

We're all excited to see how this one turns out.

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