What is all this??

What is a chub?
It's a fish. Or a fatty.

What do you mean by speedy?
Well, speed is a relative term, and in this context it's mostly meant to be taken in an ironic or humorous way. If I post 12 minute miles during a long run, that's going wicked fast. 15 miles per hour is my long distance race pace when I'm on two wheels. I won't even mention my speed in water. It's not pretty.

What is a speedy chub?
Someone who is athletically inclined, yet doesn't necessarily look like the athletes you see on magazine covers, at the shoe store, or in the bike shop. A speedy chub is in the race for health, love of the sport, and to see how far they can push themselves. A speedy chub is not a professional athlete. This is the person who feels rather awkward in tight fitting clothing. Sometimes these people are called clydesdales. In my case my size is not due to muscle, so I tend to let others use that label. 

Who's Joe?
Hi everyone. I'm Joe. I don't have a moving life story like Average Guy Hits The Road.  And, I probably won't have nearly as much humor in my posts by The Fat Cyclist. So, really, this is going to be where I post to the world my journey in training for cycling events, running, triathlons, and whatever else gets me outside. I'm not some expert athlete giving out advice. I'm just an average Joe who likes to get out and go. By posting about my little experiences to the public I'm hoping that it will force me (or shame me) into some sort of feeling of accountability that will help motivate me to keep on trying to be more speedy and less chubby.

Who's Dan?
My name is Dan, a 30 something college administrator and student.  I found endurance athletics late in life compared to many.  After graduate school I found my scale telling me things that I did not like and figured out that I needed to do something about it.  I had never been an "athlete" in any organized fashion but I was fairly athletic.  After a few years of things sort of working physically to get the weight off I figured it was time to try running.  I hated it, every minute of it.  But I kept making progress.  Now in my fourth year of running I consider myself a runner and I am hooked even through injuries.  I work on my cycling when I can and swim every now and then but I am a runner.  I will complete my sixth half marathon this summer/fall along with another smattering of 5k's and 10k's.

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